27 May 2010

New services in GetInfo

TIB has once again made significant improvements to GetInfo - the portal for science and technology.

Search options and hit listings have been greatly improved by re-indexing the TIB catalogue search. This means that you can check the relevance of search results more quickly and narrow down results more appropriately to your needs.

Overview of improvements:

  • Expanded bibliographical details for each hit from TIB catalogue in the details view
  • Journals and conference contributions now easier to find with expanded title information
  • When TIB catalogue produces long lists of hits there is now more helpful information available for making your selection, e.g. abstracts, excerpts from reports
  • Over 275,000 links to the tables of contents from conference reports and other compilations in TIB stock
  • Improved searching for the content of individual conference volumes
  • Research report searches take into account all funding reference numbers and contract numbers
  • New filter option: selection according to national licenses for stock held by TIB
  • Over 700,000 American research reports in the TIB stock