08 December 2009

DataCite: International initiative follows the TIB model making access to research data easier

On Tuesday 1st December 2009 world-leading research libraries and technical information centres opened the international DataCite initiative in London.

The objectives of the newly founded DataCite association are to make it easier for scientists to access research data over the Internet, to increase acceptance of research data as quotable scientific objects in themselves and thus to ensure that the rules of good scientific practice continue to be adhered to.

As a first step an agency is being created based on a concept developed by the TIB in order to promote the use of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) for research data.
Partners from 6 countries have come together under the DataCite umbrella; the founding members of DataCite are the British Library, the Technical Information Center of Denmark, the TU Delft Bibliothek from the Netherlands, the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI), the California Digital Library (USA), Purdue University (USA) and the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB).

DataCite is following the example of the successful work by the TIB as the world's first registration agency for research data under the leadership of Dr. Jan Brase. Since 2005 the TIB has already registered around 600,000 research data objects with a DOI name making the data easier to access and at the same time rendering them quotable.
DataCite is an official DOI registration agency and a member of the International DOI Foundation (IDF). The DataCite office will be managed by the TIB in Hannover.
The partnership's long-term vision is to guarantee unified standards around the world in research data and so to promote adherence to good scientific practice.
Other countries and organisations are welcome to join DataCite.

The founder members of DataCite from left to right: Dr. Jan Brase (TIB), Mogens Sandfaer (DTIC), Uwe Rosemann (TIB), Pam Bjornson (CISTI-NRC), Patricia Cruse (CDL), Dr. Adam Farquhar (BL), Michael Witt (Purdue), Frits van Latum (TU Delft)